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All-in-one Backup Appliances

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Local Backup and Recovery is a Genuine Alternative or Addition to Cloud-Based Storage

How long would it take to restore your business in the event of a major incident?
Atempo’s all-in-one backup appliances protect local servers and endpoints providing genuine Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

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What if there was a solution which protected all you data – system, application and file in one bundled solution with all hardware and software components. Back up to disk, to tape, to the cloud using the same solution. Save time, save money and take back control of your data.

100% reliance on a 3rd party provider is risky.  BaaS (Backup as a Service) or other server solutions are often insufficient to handle all threats and respect data integrity

The PPBA (Purpose-Built Backup Appliance) market is growing by almost 30% per year. Which is not surprising.

Atempo Backstone already protects over 10,000 businesses worldwide.


  • Despite improving network speeds, cloud-based backup solutions are not always capable of rapidly returning data to its primary on-site location. The cloud is increasingly used to serve applications and store data. This trend does have a flipside: much data continues to be stored locally on endpoints (laptops, workstations, file servers...). In fact, nearly a third of unique company data is stored on a laptop.

    Where data is local, it benefits more from local protection even if the cloud is used a valid secondary target in the same way we store data sets to tape.
    Another major advantage of an on-site or distributed Appliance installation is the ability to store multiple versions of your data. This provides the ultimate insurance against cyberattacks and additional reassurance for your teams and customers.
Protect what you want when you want and for how long you need
Simplify the backups of your heterogeneous platforms.
KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). ECONOMY
Start small and grow with your data and business requirements.
The three cardinal Rs (Restore! Restore! and Restore!) are fully respected
Quickly recover lost files or complete systems.
Economical. No hidden costs
Backup storage costs can be low but restore costs can be astronomical.

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From out of the box to a first backup in under 30 minutes. Simple interfaces let you declare, program and monitor all your backups typically in under a day. Externalize data to another appliance or the cloud with unnerving facility!


Appliances come equiped with full storage capacity installed. No need to unlock space and no hidden costs after purchase. We configure the appliance to manage increasing volumes comfortably over its lifetime. Offloading data to cloud destinations and other data center appliances.


Atempo Backstone Appliances all offer very low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Administration tasks are straightforward, users can be autonomous when restoring their own data. There are no hidden costs. In a world where many SMBs have 4 or more backup systems in place, reducing all this to a single pane of glass makes life that much easier. The appliance = all-in-one: equipment, software, storage, support, pre and post sales.

D2D, D2D2T, D2D2D, D2D2N, D2D2C

You keep control of where your data goes. To disk, to network/cloud. Select certain data sets to have multiple copies on multiple destinations.
Atempo Backstone integrates this off-site feature because it is crucial to any genuine data protection solution.

Centralized management

Describe your infrastructure, create user and associated rights, schedule tasks and sit back and relax as backup policies are executed. The interface provides a clear central overview of your backup strategy. Detailed logs and stats deliver more advanced information and performance details on demand.

All we had to do was take the Appliance out of its box and plug it into the network and within 30 minutes we were already backing up files!

Sébastien Falla, IT Manager TUI

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