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Why install an on-premise backup solution for my company's endpoint machines?


Laptop and workstation backup to the cloud provides a certain level of flexibility and security.

However, many firms need and want to retain control on their precious endpoint data. For legal and financial reasons, they simply cannot rely on public cloud offerings.

The alternative? Atempo a leading on-premise storage backup solution for company endpoint data.

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Endpoint Backups – not just another brick in your data security wall!


Backup often remains the best line of defense against cyberattacks, ransomware, laptop theft or damage and everyday data loss.

At Atempo, we believe that if you have your endpoint data stored locally, you can save time and money after a major incident. Here’s how….

3 reasons to keep an on-prem backup solution to protect endpoint machines

If you are protecting your endpoints with a Cloud-based offer, first consider these arguments for on-prem protection

  • Data Access. Data Recovery. This can be complicated if network connections crash or are slow. Data recovery times from the cloud to the endpoint can be long particularly if many machines are impacted. Cloud latency issues can cause delays which are unacceptable. Recovery can also be very expensive if egress fees are charged.
  • Data Traceability. Precise file location and movement history are not always straightforward for cloud users. Accessing and tracing log files, for example, is easier to manage on prem than from within a cloud container.
  • Compliance. Data compliancy can make life complicated and some sectors have strong restrictions on what data can and cannot go beyond the company firewall (for example: healthcare and defense).

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Atempo keeps your endpoint data on-prem

Our tried and tested solution, Lina, has many satisfied customers from 10 to 10,000 users. We give you back full control with very low maintenance and operational needs. Making the switch to Lina is simple, rapid and economical.

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Looking for a Great On-Premise Backup Solution?


These days there are fewer on-premise or private cloud solutions for data protection. Some providers give no choice but to switch to cloud storage.

The issue remains one of control. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who has access to your data?
  2. Can you retrieve your data from any point in time?
  3. How long to replace a laptop like-for-like or restart an entire activity?
  4. What are my yearly data protection costs?
  5. Are there hidden costs (for example, restoring from the cloud)?

Some of the risks faced by office based and home office computers

Challenges faced by Workstation
and Endpoint Managers


Lina is an all-in-one backup protection workstations and laptops fully addresses the needs of small and medium-sized business IT managers:

  • How long does it take to restore a laptop following a cyber or ransomware attack?
  • Will my backup enable me to fully reconstruct a lost or stolen or compromized laptop?
  • How to enable users manage their own data recovery jobs?
  • How do I manage growing data volumes to avoid additional storage and data recovery costs?

Customer Use Case Examples:​

  • Some benefits of Atempo Lina:

    • Leading all-in-one backup protection for company laptops, workstations and files servers
    • No limit on data retentions periods
    • Remote worker laptops fully protected (technicians, sales, home working…)
    • Workstation backups on remote sites even on low-bandwidth connections
    • Laptop backups over Wifi on company premises
    • Protection of department-level file servers
    • Autonomous user data recovery
    • Inbuilt search function for backup versions
    • Instant complete machine rebuild (system and content)​ from the backup server
Continuous data backup everywhere
Because file protection only makes sense if it is continuous and for all data. Lina backs up your new and modified files cut out in little blocks as you go. No more uncontrollable backup windows.
Restore from any destination from a browser in complete security
A simple network connection means you log on and restore whatever you need from wherever you are.
Empower users to restore data themselves
Real simplicity means users need no help to recover a lost file or return to a previous version of the file. IT teams save time and can concentrate on other activities.
Completely rebuild a machine (system + data + applications)
Lina combines Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) with CDP Continuous Data Protection which captures each file modification and enables the reinstallation of a complete machine as it was prior to the incident.
Reduce the volume of stored data
Efficient deduplication runs on the source side before data blocks are sent to the backup server meaning you economize on network and storage costs. Likewise inter-machine deduplication on the server side to further optimize storage costs.
Protect without impacting the user
Rapid and granular recovery means almost no downtime or impact on production.

We were looking for a backup solution for our endpoint machines that would handle the constant increase in our research data and enable our users to restore their data in complete autonomy. Lina has ticked all our boxes and provides genuine peace of mind for our daily operations that are so often hectic.

Guillaume Avez, Network and Server Manager, University of Nantes, France

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