Preserving data ecosystems

Disaster Recovery for Servers

Keep Hold of Your Data

Secure Your Business
After a Major Incident

Ensure you have rapid access to on-site backups after disaster strikes!

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How Long Would it Take to Restore Your Business
in the Event of a Major Incident?

What if there was a software solution which protected all your data – systems, applications and files in one complete solution. Back up to disk, tape, deduplicated storage all working together from one central interface. Save time, save money and take back control.
Speed is of the essence when data has been attacked or a machine breaks down. Businesses can’t wait days to be return to full production capacity. Choosing the right disaster recovery solution is the key to success.

Restart Your Business
Whatever the Threat, Whatever the Incident

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  • Despite increasing network speeds, cloud-based backups do not always fully recover data to original on-site locations.
  • The cloud is increasingly used to serve applications and store data. This growing trend has a flipside: much data continues to be stored locally. Almost half of unique company data is stored on premises.
  • Cover all eventualities. Ensure your DR plan includes recovery from on-premise storage targets and remote locations.
Integrate DR (Disaster Recovery) based on scenarios that fit around your RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
Your RTO should dictate which DR plan to implement - not the other way around.
Replicate and cross restore, Express Restart and recovery tests
Quickly recover lost files or complete systems. Stress test your backup and recovery procedures to ensure they will work in times of trouble.
Not all disasters turn out to be nightmares
As long as you get back to where you once belonged in the shortest possible time with the least amount of stress!
Just because you keep your data outside of your premises does not mean it is safe
Atempo software assures data security throughout its entire journey. We encrypt with high level certificates

Backup is an extremely important topic to me.
It is one of the principal features of an information system.

Bruno Guibert, Director of Information Systems,
Savoie-Mont Blanc University

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Focus on what really matters – data recovery


Atempo knows exactly where the data is located whether on disk, deduplicated storage or tape so you don’t need to search through data sets or backup jobs. Simply use the search feature and let user interfaces present you with the choice.


Low TCO – admin tasks reduced. No hidden costs. Atempo is a single pane of glass managing equipment, software, storage, support, pre and post sales.

Wide choice of storage targets

Disk, VTL, optical disk, tape, or any combinations of these, can be based on one or more storage technology.
Because backup must respect both budget and performance, Atempo offers a broad storage compatibility list with deep integration guaranteeing optimal performance.

Centralized management

Create users and associated rights, schedule tasks then sit back and relax as backup policies are executed. The interface provides a central overview of your backup strategy. Detailed logs and stats deliver more advanced information and performance details on demand.

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