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Miria for Analytics: Simplify your Data Storage Forecasts and Reduce Storage Costs

What are the benefits of data analytics on your file storages?

  • The majority of IT organizations use a combination of on-premise hardware and software and cloud-based services for their data storage strategies. Managing data has become key to business performance.
  • Balance long-term and short-term data storage needs, businesses require the guidance of analytics tools for clear and consolidated views of asset types, level/frequency of access, data redundancy...
  • Use-cases and analytics intel empower IT teams when making informed choices about data storage management.
Reduce data duplication & storage costs
Find the right data at the right time
Keep data protection and business processes under control

Miria for Analytics Can Help!

Miria for Analytics comprises rich and comprehensive dashboards to give you a simple, clear and pertinent overview of your storage data usage- regardless of your file storage type (NAS, PFS, Scale-out NAS), object storage or cloud storage (Google GCS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Swift, …), and geographical location.

Clear analytical information powered by powerful search capacity result in informed decision making, reduction in operating costs at storage level but also at human level, improved process and workflows as well as better control of storage expenses.

Miria for Analytics is compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems, all major browsers and laptop, desktop and tablet devices.

Analyze anywhere!

What's at stake for organizations?

With the explosion of unstructured data, the rapid adoption of multiple cloud storages and solutions, data management has become a key issue for all organizations. Searching for files, avoiding redundant data sets, moving large volumes of files between storages are all performed daily. The complexity of these operations must be reduced and kept under control to avoid impacting productivity and budgets.

Miria for Analytics is a core component of Miria, our high-performance Data Management platform. It rapidly browses all unstructured data storages consolidating information to a global dashboard that enables you to act.

A dashboard for centralized vision

  • Analytics provides a global view of data on different types of storage.
  • Its primary function is to identify (fingerprint) and locate data distributed within a storage infrastructure. Analytics provides a consolidated data view and the creation of various customized reports.
  • One of the advantages of Analytics is also to be able to gauge the frequency of access and modification of data and therefore its criticality. Depending on the level of use, the data is listed and then stored based on this criticality.

Clear Storage Insights = Regaining Control of Your Data!

  • Reduce the size of data silos. Knowing more about storage usage, you can reduce data redundancy by keeping fewer versions online and move some versions to an archive, or delete obsolete data.
  • Reduce TCO – optimize the use of fast access storage, and greater use of colder storage to lower costs
  • Know the potential of your data (identify your top objects)
  • Locate data (determine where a file is stored, what type of storage is used)
  • Identify data via its metadata – answer questions such as: what is the type of a file, what are the files of what type or metadata, what is the project version of this file?


“Our migration of over 1200 Windows shares and 66 million files to Nutanix Files needed to be accomplished as smoothly and as rapidly as possible. With a minimum of impact to our users. Atempo and Nutanix teams handled the whole project perfectly in under 3 weeks. We are now fully functional on Nutanix Files and benefitting from the performance and cost reductions of their Enterprise scale out file storage solution.”

Henk Kleine, Systems Administrator and Data Migration Project Manager at GVB

“Storage Analytics will play a growing role in enabling organizations to identify, evaluate and act on their hybrid and dispersed storages. Miria for Analytics is entirely storage agnostic and, when coupled with the power of the Miria data moving platform, makes it a very complete and effective solution for managing multi-petabyte environments.”

Bernard Peultier, Atempo VP Innovation and NextIno CEO

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