Preserving data ecosystems

Large Data and File Migration and Copy

Miria meets data integrity and transfer speed challenges

Miria provides large data and file migration and copy for Cloud, Object, NAS, GPFS, Lustre and many more file storages.

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  • Do you have petabytes of file data to migrate from a large scale-out file system to another storage location or vice-versa?
  • Do you need a reliable migration for your massive data sets from one NAS/Cloud/Object/GPFS storage to another?
  • Do you need fast data transfer of your precious unstructured file data to higher capacity or more flexible storage or simply to manage growing data sprawl?
  • Atempo delivers powerful, vendor-agnostic file migration solutions and professional services to manage storage platform data migrations at petabyte scale.
  • Discover how we can help you with your complex and powerful environments: AWS, Azure, GC, Dell/EMC Isilon, StorNext, Qumulo, DDN, Huawei, Cast, IBM Spectrum Storage and many other shared file systems and industry standard protocols including object storage and cloud.

Why Choose Atempo Miria?

  • When migrating across domains or to different file systems some tools run into difficulties (EMcopy, Robocopy). A cross-vendor NAS migration can be a headache that can last for weeks, even if the end results are acceptable. Atempo solutions can move over 250 TB per day per installed Data Mover. All at a reasonable fraction of the cost of new storage device.
  • Because migration is usually a one-stop task, you can source servers and software and simply pay for the data you move irrespective of how many files are involved or how many changes are made during the migration. You can keep running these tools of course if you intend to continue transferring and synchronizing data between the storage devices.
  • Our migration services start at 200 TB (or 250 million files). We frequently move several petabytes.
  • Atempo tools let you migrate -or permanently replicate- file, folder and ACLs data from storage A to storage B with full automation, load balancing and macro and micro-level reporting. We can scale the power of our tools thanks to multi-streaming, multi-threading Atempo Miria Data Movers.
Cross-platform storage automated migration
Atempo's data migration solution is storage agnostic. Files are collected with their ACLs intact on source storage before being converted automatically to a suitable form on the target storage. The choice of supported source and target platforms includes: GPFS, Lustre, Isilon, StorNext, Panasas, DDN, Qumulo, Huawei, Windows, macOS, Linux, … In addition to the above, all object storage supported by our Miria solution are also eligible targets.
From progressive to permanent migration
Our fast I/O performances and scalable solutions can get you through the migration of massive unstructured data sets from your current storage to the new one by: Reading files, folders, symlinks, etc. from the first storage in production. No production down time during the migration process. Replicating them to the brand new platform with fully intact ACLs. And by repeating this process until you are ready, it is very simple to avoid any production downtime during the migration. When you are fully ready to make the big switch, it just takes a simple network shift to expose your fully populated and shiny new storage!
Detailed reporting on all levels
Atempo’s scheduling enables you to fully control and organize storage content migration based on business priorities: per business unit, department, group of folders, age of the data, etc. You have full control of the what, when and how to minimize impact on business operations and run your project in a transparent and non-intrusive way. Our monitoring interface provides detailed reporting at I/O and throughput level as well as a high level view on the progress of your migration project. Our storage migration platform saves you and your team a lot of time, effort and IT budget.
Low network latency impact
Atempo implements a multi-layer technology that separates the detection of new, changed or deleted objects from the actual data movement process. The benefits are that data movement starts early and uses a high performance parallelized and multi-threaded streaming process. This is very robust technology which handles big and small files with little or no impact to network latency. With Atempo, you can manage your NAS-to-NAS migration as easily as you manage your server-to-server or server-to-NAS migration.
Managing incremetal changes
When migrating from one storage file system to another, we take into account ongoing data modifications. This ensures that source and target are fully in sync. Atempo's Data Migration tool, Miria, includes a built-in incremental functionality. This means that any changed or deleted objects will be recognized and handled without impacting overall migration performance. Storage migration just got a whole lot easier!
Rapid and scalable migration
From a pure performance standpoint, an Atempo Miria data-moving farm is able to deliver more constant throughput than most networks can handle. Because you cannot unplug your primary storage to perform a full migration, you need a solution which manages I/Os intelligently. Atempo's adaptive read/write mechanism delivers the perfect balance between production throughput and the migration process. Need greater levels of migration performance? Simply add additional Atempo Data Movers. Need reduced power after the initial synchronizations? Lower the number of Atempo Data Movers.

Our customers should be free to change to a new platform when it suits their business. Data integrity and transfer speeds are key to meeting technological challenges and the costs of any successful Data migration process.