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Automated protection for Microsoft 365 Emails & OneDrive

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) transfers core Microsoft applications (including email) and infrastructure to the cloud. IT teams on the ground still need to continue to manage and protect data generated in this cloud infrastructure. Because Microsoft 365 lets you create and share so much critical data, the security and longevity of this data becomes paramount. What the platform does not provide is a sufficient level of long-term and granular protection.

IT administrators need a fast, reliable and user friendly way of restoring Cloud-based emails and documents. Tina (Time Navigator) provides protection over and above internal Microsoft tools (long term retentions, choice of backup storage, missing emails detection, search features…). Tina integrates this module into its central administration interface.

Tina’s straightforward restoration interfaces allow administrators to select the mailbox or individual email for recovery, or individual OneDrive documents or folders. Wherever the data is stored – on disk, deduplicated storage or tape, the administrator just needs to select the date and time and restore.

Back up and recover all emails, folders & mailboxes and OneDrive data

IT administrators need a fast, reliable and user friendly way of restoring Cloud-based email and documents. Tina provides protection over and above of internal Microsoft tools (long term retention, missing emails detection, air-gapped storage ...). Tina has integrated the protection of OneDrive and M365 emails into its central administration interface to work alongside other backup applications.

The University Hospital of Rouen was a recent victim of a massive cyberattack.
What is clear to us is that Atempo solutions were highly instrumental in resolving the

Sylvain François, CHU Rouen IT Director.

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