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Migration for Hybrid NAS and File Storages

Data Migration
Need Not Be a Nightmare!


Miria delivers migration for hybrid NAS and file storages and manages massive unstructured file-based data movement between heterogeneous storages.

Data mobility has become a strong asset for enterprises looking to exploit their unstructured data, for those who need to switch technologies or simply increase performance and storage capacity.

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Storage Migration Challenges

Whatever the reason behind the project, new data storage or consolidation of existing storage facilities, migrating very large volumes of unstructured files between two storage locations can be complex.

If you must also manage petabytes of data, keep the source storage data in production or change technology, brand or storage type (from a NAS to GPFS for example), then the process can quickly become a nightmare.

The key is using a professional software solution like Miria for Migration that meets all preparation, speed and reliability requirements for migrating large volumes of data in complex environments.


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Whether Switching to New Technology or Merging Resources, Storage Migration Can be Painless


Files migration of massive unstructured file-based data is required when switching to new storage technology or merging resources.

File migration between different storages and file systems can be a complex process. Add some constraints like having a petabyte or more of files, switching storages when primary storage is in production, or needing to migrate between heterogeneous storages – this can quickly become an issue. Atempo has the solution.

Miria powers complex Legacy and Hybrid Storage Migrations

Miria for Analytics enhances migration workflows

Miria for Analytics comprises rich and comprehensive dashboards to give you a simple, clear and pertinent overview of your storage data usage- regardless of your file storage type (NAS, PFS, Scale-out NAS), object storage or cloud storage (Google GCS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Swift, …), and geographical location.

Clear analytical information powered by powerful search capacity result in informed decision making when launching a migration between storages.

Analytics will enhance your processes and workflows as well as storage expenses (start migrating faster and benefit from your new storage quicker!).

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Miria for Migration. Any Data. Any Storage. Any Volume. 

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Non-intrusive while storage is in production
Miria for Migration is installed while your initial storage is in production without any disruption to users and processes. Migration can be “contained” (limited data transfer windows) to specific periods of time or even available IOs if required by the source storage.

Fully monitored iterative process
Miria proceeds in successive synchronization cycles. The process is fully monitored and resources can easily see what remains to be done.

Fast and scale-out
Miria architecture allows scale-out by adding more Data Movers and launching multiple parallel streams to meet source and target IO and migration throughput rates.

Miria is a flexible solution supporting a wide choice of storage platforms (Scale-out NAS, shared file systems, etc.).  It is so simple to move data between platforms while preserving ACLs or user/group information.

Adaptative and Cost efficient
Miria can be used when you change storage and need a migration solution – or as an on-going backup, archiving or storage synchronization solution.

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