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Miria - a File Archiving Solution for Data Management

High-performance data archiving tool for large volumes

Miria for Archiving: data archiving tool for scalability and support for heterogeneous storages. Ideal for managing billions of files or petabyte scale data volumes.

Whether it’s for 5 days, 10 months or 20 years, Miria for Archiving helps you retain access to your data in line with regulations.

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Atempo Gartner

Atempo Miria file archive software recognized as a Data Management solution by Gartner ​

Atempo is proud to be recognized as a “representative vendor” by Gartner and to belong to the global data management software community. With our file archiving solution Miria, businesses have a unified data management solution for their unstructured data, particularly for large volumes. The data archiving tool Miria manages secure and rapid data archiving workflows.

A file archive solution for long-term data retention and data retrieval

What is an archival storage device?

The many facets of archival storage


Archival storage is the media that you choose to store your archives. Media can take many forms: disk, flash, tape, optical disk etc. The choice of media for any given archive will be driven by costs of course but also storage longevity. Archiving is often a trade off between these factors. Flash drives are more expensive but data is rapidly restored. Optical disk and tape, particularly if they are offline, cost less to run in terms of hardware purchases and power used during their lifetime.

You can safely store data for many years and even decades with this equipment. Nearline or active archiving will typically use spinning disk storage and offline archiving (including Glacier-type cloud offerings) will tend to use tape.

Data archiving options


Many storage vendors now sell specific appliances that serve as archival storage devices that sometimes work directly with a primary NAS for example. Atempo’s software platform, Miria for Archiving works with the vast majority of storage vendors and file systems to give you the choice in our you archive specific data sets.

What is an archiving tool?

Archiving tools and software are used to copy, store, and index files typically for extended periods of time – sometimes several decades. By definition, an archive removes data from one storage location and places it in another. Because archives today are increasingly voluminous (both in terms of size and file numbers) it is essential to use a tool that will ensure the security and longevity of the data.

It’s important to manage all files and related metadata (access rights, indexes, file information) during and after the archival process. Archivists should be able to simply and securely restore files/data to their initial location or to a new destination. For example, files stored on tape should be transferrable or copiable to a cloud. Because storage space and storage costs are at a premium, intelligent software can save money by automatically managing data transfers to a cheaper yet scalable storage tier. Ideally, end users should be able to search their own archived data and restore whatever they need.

Sometimes archiving is confused with backup. Backup is the process of making several copies of one data set and preserving this data for a fixed amount of time. Source data is not removed but copied to one of more locations. Backups therefore provide access to a number of data versions. Archived data usually no longer exists on primary storages but can be restored if necessary. Archived data is usually stored for much longer than backed up data.

Why finding the best file archiving solution is paramount?​

  • A powerful data archiving tool lets you take a snapshot copy of your project data and guarantee its availability in time. Miria for Archiving provides quick and economical access to files and folders.
  • Miria for Archiving is perfect for on-site and remote data storages. Archives meet data protection and data management compliance regulations.
  • It's essential to define the optimal archive strategy for each data set. Each department must be free to manage their data and the right data life cycle. ​
  • Moving data to and from different storage tiers is complex. Choosing the file archive software Miria for Archiving lets you archive to the storage tier of your choice and ensure data availability and security.
Data protection
Keep the last copy of your data set to guarantee its availability in time
Data security
Move your data to and from different storage in safety and security
Save on storage costs
Access your files and folders economically, whether they are located on-site or remote
Compliance with regulations
Bring your archives into compliance with data protection regulations

Miria for Archiving, a powerful solution to secure cloud data archiving

Your data transits between different types of storage: cloud, disk, tape. The Miria data archiving tool lets you achieve compliance with regulatory requirements by moving and archiving large volumes of less consulted data to the cloud.

What are the benefits of using Miria for cloud based file archiving ?

  • Manage movement to and from your chosen provider
  • Benefit from the best cloud storage costs particularly for long-term storage (Glacier, Deep Glacier…)
  • Automate archiving policies for each data set
  • Enable user autonomy – drag and drop projects into a cloud container

“I wanted a solution where I could entrust all my customers’ data. I researched the entire market and selected Miria for Archiving. The solution can automate all the features I require and the fact that Miria is used by many American media and entertainment leaders is also reassuring.” 

Arnaud Caréo, Technical Director,

Le Labo Paris

“Atempo has improved NFB workflows for post-production by ensuring data integrity and providing quick and easy access to archives to allow end users to find and retrieve productions from our collections.”

Luisa Frare, COO and CFO, NFB,

National Film Board of Canada

“Atempo storage-agnostic solutions have played a key role in achieving and managing our archival goals. Miria is reliable, scalable, flexible and ensures our assets security in the long term. ”

Jimmy Fournier, Director of R&D,

National Film Board of Canada

Miria for Archiving is incredibly powerful and feature-rich. We’re very impressed so far. Archiving performance on Lustre file systems data flows is running at full tape speeds, which is perfect.”

Dr Alastair Basden,​Technical Lead for the DiRAC Memory Intensive Service,

Durham University (UK)

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