Preserving data ecosystems

Backup for Large File Storages, Object, Cloud & NAS

Petabyte-Scale Storage Protection Challenges

Some companies believes that petascale volumes are just too big to be protected. At Atempo, we believe that having no backup for large file storages, Object, Cloud & NAS is not an option. Petabyte-scale storage protection challenges need solid solutions!

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Not backing up petabyte-scale
storages is NOT an option

Large volumes do change the game for how we protect large file-based scale-out storages. What if the right software could achieve it all? Deliver the performance and the scalability you need and save admins valuable time.

Simply replicating data between storages is insufficient to protect against cybercrime and maintain access to historical file versions.

Back up and recover all unstructured file storages

Technology is evolving fast; pushed by new needs for producing and consuming data.
Unstructured data including HPC & Big Data, IoT, machine learning, 4k and 8k video, next generation sequencing, autonomous vehicules and new standards (AWS S3, …) drive the quantity and diversity of these growing data sets.
This data is precious and it needs backing up.

Need to protect petascale data sets and guarantee zero downtime for your large data sets?

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Minimize Backup Windows

Daily changes on large volumes of hundreds of millions or even billions of small files means that scanning a scale-out file system for changes can be a long and painful process. Atempo’s Miria leverages a mix of its proprietary FastScan Technology, and the Snapshot feature available on most NAS and shared or parallel file systems to quickly collect the list of changed & new files. This ensures rapid data backup movement.

Perform Incremental Forever Backups

The standard backup approach that requires Full and Incremental backups cycles no longer works with petascale storage. Such volumes require a radical rethink to end subsequent Full backups. Atempo’s response is to deploy Miria and its “Incremental Forever” approach with smart management of data versioning at backup target levels. The result is that you save considerable backup time and backup storage.

Optimize Recovery

Wave goodbye to slow data recovery. Miria’s built-in support of Atempo’s Time Navigation technology makes retrieval of backed up data from any selected date and time extremely easy and efficient. To recover a few files, simply drag and drop them from target to source. To rebuild a full volume or a complete storage infrastructure, Miria has fully automated large volume DR capability. Prioritize which folders/volumes to recover based on your business needs.

unil université de lausanne

I wanted life insurance for my critical data. Atempo gave it to us.

Pascal Jacot-Guillarmod, IT Project Director, UNIL
unil université de lausanne

We back up our unstructured NAS data sets based on multi-OS sources while respecting ACLs. Thanks to Atempo, we have NFS and CIFS file systems working in perfect harmony with S3-type storage.

Michel Ruffieux, Data Storage and Backup Manager, Unil (Switzerland)

Miria for Analytics Can Help!

Miria for Analytics is the latest pillar in the Miria Data Management Platform. It comprises rich and comprehensive dashboards for simple, clear and pertinent overviews of your storage data usage- regardless of your file storage type (NAS, PFS, Scale-out NAS), object storage or cloud storage (Google GCS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Swift, …) or geographical location.

Clear analytical information powered by powerful search capacity result in informed decision making, reduction in operating costs at storage level but also at human level, improved process and workflows as well as better control of storage expenses.

Miria for Backup works perfectly alongside Miria for Analytics to help you define your storage protection strategy.

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High-performance storage backup for files
and unstructured data


Large data sets are transferred by scalable farms of Atempo Data Movers, which can each move several GB/s in an highly parallelized and multi-threaded environment. A whole data-moving farm will deliver more throughput than most networks can handle. To increase performance, simply add a Data Mover. Scalability is no longer a concern.


What happens in the event of a serious incident and a full-blown DR situation? Atempo’s NAS-agnostic solutions help you weather the storm. While waiting for your petabyte storage replacement, you can restore any critical data to other available target storage available (with full ACLs preservation) When the new storage is available, organize and prioritize data restore based on business unit, user group, or volume. Whatever you need for your business. Rebuilding your petascale file storage is no longer a burden.


Disk, object storage, optical disk, tape, cloud storage media, or any combination of one or more of these storage technologies.
Because backup must respect both budget and performance, Atempo offers a broad storage compatibility list with deep integration guaranteeing optimal performance.

Centralized management

Describe your infrastructure, create user and associated rights, schedule tasks and sit back and relax as backup policies are executed. We provide an overview of your backup strategy and detailed logs and stats deliver more advanced information and performance information on demand.

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