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All-in-One Backup Protection for Your Workstations and Laptops


The one-stop backup solution for workstations and laptops

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Challenges faced by
SMB IT Managers

Lina is an all-in-one backup protection workstations and laptops fully addresses the needs of small and medium-sized business IT managers:

  • How long does it take to restore a laptop following a cyberattack/ransomware?
  • Will my backup enable me to fully reconstruct a lost or stolen laptop?
  • How can I enable my users to manage their own data recovery jobs?
  • Backup on one side, Disaster Recovery on the other. How do I manage associated data storage volumes to avoid additional costs?

Customer Use Case examples:​

  • Laptop backups used by remote workers (technicians, sales…)
  • Workstation backups on remote sites connected over reduced bandwidth
  • Laptop backups over Wifi on company premises
  • Protection of departmental file servers
  • Autonomous user restore
  • Search function for historical backup versions
  • Complete machine rebuild (system and content) from the backup server

Some benefits of using Lina:

    • Lina provides all-in-one backup protection for company laptops, workstations and files servers
    • Remote worker laptops (technicians, sales…)
    • Back up workstations on remote sites on low-bandwidth connections
    • Laptop backups over Wifi on company premises
    • Protection of department-level file servers
    • Autonomous user data recovery
    • Search function for backup versions
    • Instant complete machine rebuild (system and content)​ from the backup server
Continuous data backup everywhere
Because file protection only makes sense if it is continuous and for all data. Lina backs up your new and modified files cut out in little blocks as you go. No more uncontrollable backup windows.
Restore from any destination from a browser in complete security
A simple network connection means you log on and restore whatever you need from wherever you are.
Empower users to restore data themselves
Real simplicity means users need no help to recover a lost file or return to a previous version of the file. IT teams save time and can concentrate on other activities.
Completely rebuild a machine (system + data + applications)
Lina combines Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) with CDP Continuous Data Protection which captures each file modification and enables the reinstallation of a complete machine as it was prior to the incident.
Reduce the volume of stored data
Efficient deduplication runs on the source side before data blocks are sent to the backup server meaning you economize on network and storage costs. Likewise inter-machine deduplication on the server side to further optimize storage costs.
Protect without impacting the user
Rapid and granular recovery means almost no downtime or impact on production.
Dufresne Corrigan Scarlet - Why we chose Live Navigator Lina to protect laptops

If a sales person loses or damages a laptop, we could lose contracts. With Lina, I’m not worried anymore. If I know that a file was on a laptop, I have a backup ready to restore from any point time and from any place.

Julien Brevière, IT Manager

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We look forward to having you joining our 30 minute live product demo for a walk-thru of our key technologies so you can learn about :

  • Lina’s easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard for planing your Laptop protection plan,
  • How to deploy and monitor in minutes,
  • How to empower users so they restore data by themselves.
  • during a live session with an Atempo Lina expert resource.

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