Preserving data ecosystems

Why Atempo?

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Atempo preserves and manages data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations

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Mission & Positioning

European leader for conventional data protection, Atempo preserves data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations globally. ​

We have a reputation for high-level technical expertise in data management needs including protecting and migrating very large unstructured data volumes (Bank & Finance, Life Sciences, Industry, Media & Entertainment). What do we do for our clients?​

  • Back up mission-critical data
  • Restore data as and when needed
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Move data affordably between storage locations for short or long-term storage in complete security
  • Provide clear analytical dashboards to ensure data storages are managed efficiently and cost effectively

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Behind the "Data Ecosystem"​ Concept:
Atempo's Vision

Digital data is without doubt the most precious economic asset in the 21st century. Creating data is about generating and exploiting value. This strategic asset is stored and processed in systems comprised of sophisticated, complex and diverse applications and storages.​

At Atempo, we see the whole as a permanent mutation, much like a natural ecosystem; a concept which seems more appropriate than that of the environment we so frequently use in IT. In much the same way as a natural ecosystem, the quality of a data ecosystem is measured by its capacity to evolve over time, maintaining equilibrium and resisting outside aggression, rapidly recovering.

Preserving Data Ecosystems
Atempo's Baseline

“Preserving data ecosystems” … Atempo’s baseline defends this concept. It shines a light on the paradox of the infinite yet fragile resources that represent your company’s data. It underlines the vital importance of data backup and data movement which both key to the survival of your organization.

It also encourages us to behave responsibly with the resources that comprise our data ecosystems: human, material, financial, energy.

Atempo Preserves and Manages Data Ecosystems for Mid-Sized and Corporate Organizations Globally


Our Company DNA

  • We love a challenge; finding the “right solution" which does the job in an ideal world, no frills, no bells and whistles which means more time for our customers.
Freedom for your Data (and your Business!)
A credo we chose to run with around ten years ago with our archiving solutions: a company needs to keep control of its data and have secure storage with open non-proprietary formats. This is why we design solutions for vendor agnostic environments. Our customers are free to choose.​
Close Ties to Storage Industry Manufacturers
Our desire to work closely with key players in the storage industry to offer advanced and powerful features whatever your business needs.​
We Talk Storage and We Talk Data
Atempo teams are “good storage technicians" meaning we talk the same language as our clients.​