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Backstone Appliances

Introducing the Atempo Backstone Appliance Range

Atempo Backstone data protection appliance protects all your data, systems, applications, files and provides Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) & Business Continuity

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Why Choose Atempo Backstone?

  • Data Protection Appliances From 12 TB To 260 TB

  • Lost data, data locked down by cybercrime, data stuck in a Cloud with low bandwidth for recovery?
  • Sounds familiar? On-premise data protection appliances with cloud externalization could just be the solution you need for your business continuity needs.
Rapid Recovery of All Data Much Faster and Cheaper than via a Sole Cloud provider
Having all backed up data in the Cloud is fine until you need to recover several TBs. That's when you need patience and your checkbook!
Your Data and your Client’s Data Remain under your Control on your Premises
Having at least one local backup copy means you manage high speed recovery on your terms
Competitive Pricing per Protected TB
The price per TB is among the most competitive on the market with no hidden extras.
File, Application and System Protection (Windows, macOS & Linux)
Our compatibility with most major platforms is vast. Contact us for details.
Logical externalization D2D2C (to cloud) or D2D2N (to another appliance)
Because the cloud hosts almost half the world's data, why deprive yourself of this option?!
Standing stones UK.

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