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Atempo Transforms Backup by Focusing on What Really Matters – Data Recovery


    • How can I know when files have been deleted?
    • Can I continue to protect my legacy platforms?
    • Why do I need deduplication?
    • What is an Atempo “open” license?
Instantly view deleted directories and files. Atempo's renowned time navigation gives you access to the past data points of your choice.
Comprehensive Compatibility Guide including all major operating and file systems and critical applications.
Global source-based deduplication for optimized storage & backup durations. Industry-leading dedupe rates means massive storage savings.
Freedom to protect what you want, when you want and where you want.​ Take back control of your data.

The efficiency of the Tina’s centralized interface allows us to recover a file, a database or a VM in the same way, whether the data is stored on disk or tape. Another major benefit is time navigation which allows us to recover a lost file even if the user does not remember the name or the location of the file.

Fabien Hary Data Manager, SDIS 80

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