Preserving data ecosystems

Backup & Migration

High Performance Data Protection & Movement for Large File Storages

High performance, secure, reliable backup and migration for large file storages and between cross-vendors storages

A single solution to back up, synchronize, migrate and move your unstructured data and files between large heterogeneous storages

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The Challenges of Managing
Large Volume Storage or Millions/Billions of Files

4 Frequently Asked Questions For Teams Managing Very Large Storages:

    • How can we perform full backups when my incrementals don’t even fit into the backup window?
    • How do I manage the migration of millions or billions of files and folders between storages from two different vendors while respecting data integrity?
    • We are legally obliged to back up our data. Where can I find a powerful and reliable backup solution for petascale unstructured data?
    • How do we automatically archive cold data in complete security?
Back up regularly and efficiently with successive increments
Simply recover a few files or complete volumes –even to a different type of storage
Perform automatic and incremental file migration between heterogeneous storages
Adjust performances with the simple addition or removal of a Data Mover
Miria is an open solution which includes migration and synchronization between heterogeneous storages

We are backing up our unstructured NAS data sets based on multi-OS sources while respecting ACLs. Thanks to Atempo, our NFS and CIFS file systems are working in perfect harmony with S3-type storage!

Michel Ruffieux – Storage and Backup Manager, University of Lausanne (UNIL)

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