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Atempo-Wooxo Group’s solutions all awarded the “France Cybersecurity” label at the FIC 2020

Massy, February 3 – During the recent FIC Cybersecurity Event, Atempo-Wooxo Group received the label France Cybersecurity for Lina, Miria and Tina. These solutions protect, store, move, recover all mission-critical data sets for thousands of companies worldwide. The label has also been renewed for the third consecutive year for Wooxo’s Yoobackup solution.

The France Cybersecurity Label addresses several requirements and objectives:

  • Promote French cybersecurity solutions and increase their international exposure
  • Raise awareness among users and international buyers of the importance of French Cybersecurity solutions and their intrinsic qualities
  • Guarantee users and buyers that the product and services are fully commercialized
  • Increase the adoption of these tools and raise user security coverage

The France Cybersecurity Label guarantees that the certified products and services are made in France and possess clear and well-defined features, with quality levels assessed by an independent panel.

This guarantee is provided by the verification of the label specifications and scrutiny of factual elements from the solution vendor regarding the quality and performance levels of its products and services.

“We are highly honored to have all our solutions recognized by this distinction. Our software range is the only one to have obtained this label in the backup, archiving and data movement sectors. These labels provide additional motivation to our R&D teams and attest to the excellence of French and European cybersecurity solutions.” declared Luc d’Urso, Atempo-Wooxo Group CEO. “Sovereign solutions up until now were considered as alternatives to our US counterparts. They must now be seen as de facto choices if we are to build a Sovereign Digital Europe.”