Transfer your Archived Data from Front Porch to Atempo's ADA


  • Are you a Front Porch DIVA user or admin involved in M&E workflows?
  • Do you manage a mountain of LTO tapes?
  • Need to archive to cloud, object, and multiple disk-tiers?
  • Want to do more than just archive?

Atempo replaces DIVArchive by re-using existing AXF-based LTO archived media on your existing infrastructure while still offering partial file retrieval. 

  Transferring DIVArchive to Atempo Digital Archive

Transferring DIVArchive to Atempo Digital Archive

But that's not all, Atempo also delivers:

All this plus GB/s-level performance and highly scalable data movement that ensure 4K/8K data movement runs like a breeze!

FAQ - FrequentLY ASKED questions regarding Atempo-Digital archive (ADA) and DIVArchive:

  • What if I use a proprietary tape format?

ADA uses open formats on tape (as with disk).
For LTO, we natively support either standard LTFS format or a high capacity TAR format which is fully supported by all operating systems. There is no additional need for any client software to read your archives/backup media.
Again, on disk, we use native file system structures. 

  • I want to switch to another archive system but I have tons of Front Porch DIVA LTO archives tapes and do not have time to retrieve the data and archive everything to another system. Can you help?

Sure, no worries. Our solution replaces your DIVA database and re-uses your LTO archives with no need to migrate your media. No need for lengthy tape retrieve and re-archiving.

  • I get that your solution re-uses DIVA tapes. But I need to be able to continue to benefit from Partial File Retrieve. Can you do that?

Absolutely! Our archiving system delivers Partial File Retrieve (PFR) and we can also do this on DIVA media.

  • Any limitations regarding the support of my existing FP DIVA LTO media?

No limitations: we support all DIVA tape formats!

  • What are the benefits of using Atempo’s archiving?

We offer a very large choice of storage support, more than 200 tape libraries, and a large choice of disk, object and cloud storages. With massive data movement and scalability capabilities.

ADA is not just about archiving. The same solution delivers backup and Disaster Recovery, migration and synchronization for heterogeneous storages, cross platform data restoration with ACLs completely intact. Your investment returns plenty of interest!

Atempo also delivers multi-applications archiving controlled from PAM/MAM and workflow integration. 

  • Is the DIVA database imported into ADA with all metadata and associated advanced capabilities? 

Yes - ADA imports all metadata from the DIVA database. It can be retrieved from ADA Admin and User interfaces. 



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