Preserving data ecosystems

Miria - File archiving and data moving solution

High Performance Solution for Archiving & Moving Massive Data Volumes

Miria for Archiving, file archiving and data moving solution, integrates into all workflows that need performance and open formats, while freeing you from storage lock-in

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Long-term Retentions and Simple Data Retrieval

Miria for Archiving (formerly Ada) is a file archiving and data moving software solution that ensures constant availability and security for very large data volumes.

Miria for Archiving integrates into all workflows that need performance and open, scalable formats, while freeing you from storage lock-in.

Backup and Archive

Miria allows cost-effective growth management for file-based data, particularly for data-intense industries. The same tool for all backup and archiving requirements.

Scale Storage & Workflows

Miria grows and scales to adapt to your data usage. Add additional disk, tape and object storage without impacting your current workflows

Open Platform

A software solution which closes no doors. Zero vendor lock-in, zero proprietary formats. Miria maintains the original disk folder structure whatever the destination storage (TAR, LTFS...)

Control Storage Costs

Advanced reporting and analytics mean you control your storages and not the other way around. Move data from primary to secondary or cold storage to make additional savings.

Collaborate Between Sites and Departments

Workflows and assets can be created, edited, moved and stored on any number of site locations. Miria lets you concentrate on what's most important: the data.
Backup and Archive
Scale Storage & Workflows
Open Platform
Control Storage Costs
Collaborate Between Sites and Departments

I wanted a solution to entrust all my customers’ data. I researched the market and selected Atempo’s Miria for Archiving. The solution can automate all the features I need. It is reassuring that Miria is used by so many American media & entertainment leaders.

Arnaud Caréo, Technical Director,

Le Labo Paris

Miria for me has always kept pace with our requirements and business growth. It is a powerful tool which scales well. The reporting is perfect to keep our customers informed of the data we archive for them.

Jai Cave, Head of Operations,


Atempo’s Miria enhanced the NFB’s post-production workflows by ensuring data integrity and giving quick and easy archive access to end-users to search and retrieve productions from our collections.

Luisa Frate, COO and CFO,

National Film Board of Canada

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