data protection appliances from 12 tB to 260 TB

 The new Synerway appliances from 12 TB to 260 TB available soon!

The new Synerway appliances from 12 TB to 260 TB available soon!

Atempo took over the activities of backup appliance vendor Synerway in October 2017 with the commitment to redesign and sell a new range of backup appliances. In less than 8 months the promise is soon to become a reality  with a completely revamped Synerway offer. The new rackable appliances will contain:

  • All requisite hardware components (server-grade storage, processing and connections)
  • Backup and restauration software including the One Key Restore features to recover physical and virtual servers
  • LTO media libraries and/or RDX
  • Appliance to appliance externalization
  • Cloud externalization

The range is aimed at SMBs and smaller mid-sized enterprises and also larger accounts with hundreds or even thousands of remote sites. 

The data protection appliance range comprises 7 models from 12 TB to 260 TB with even lower capacity boxes available for remote site deployments and/or mixed-site requirements.

With these appliances, Atempo has a genuine all-in-one physical backup and restoration solution. Each appliance protects files, applications and critical systems on these platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • vSphere
  • Hyper-V

Faithful to Synerway's intial and abiding remit: the appliances will continue to automate data backup, guarantee reliable restorations and reduce daily operating tasks associated with data protection.

Over 10,000 Synerway appliances are currently in service around the world and enjoy a reputation for quality products which are 100% made-in-Europe!

On-premise backup remains a key factor for global INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION

Even if the cloud has become a genuine target for data backup storage, local protection remains a key component for many and rightly so. Our clients regularly tell us that a mix of local and remote protection is the best way forward.

A local appliance allows you to back up and restore both rapidly and securely lost or damaged data or a stolen or broken server or laptop. And in the event of a worst case scenario - a total site outage requiring full Disaster Recovery, the reconstruction of your data ecosystem can be performed from LTO media or removable RDX disks, an off-site appliance and/or the cloud.

Why choose Synerway Appliances?

  • Rapid recovery of all data much faster and cheaper than from the cloud
  • Your data and your client's data remain under your control on premise
  • Offline externalisation and archiving to physical media respect notion of GDPR conformity
  • Competitive pricing per protected TB
  • European-based sales and support teams. Local teams also present in the United States and Asia
  • Over 10,000 appliances running worldwide
  • File, application and system protection (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
  • Physical externalization D2D2T (to LTO and library) and D2D2D2 (to removable RDX disks)
  • Logical externalization D2D2C (to cloud) or D2D2N (to another appliance)

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